World’s Strongest Man 2015

If you are lucky enough to see the Strongman in Malaysia, then we have a treat for you. The daily schedule for the complete 2015 contest!

See your favourite Strongman, battle it out for the crown. Need a reminder of the heats and events? Find it all out here.

World’s Strongest Man 2015, Malaysia Schedule

April 19 – Palace of Justice Car Park

9:30am – Loading Race – Tyres
11:00am – Loading Race – Barrels
2:15pm – Norse Hammers

April 20 – Marina Putrajaya

9:00am – Deadlift
12:15pm – Circus Barbells
4:00pm – Squat Lift

April 21 –  Taman Seri Empangan

9:00am – Kettlebell Throw
12:15pm – Basque Circle
4:00pm – Dumbbell Press

April 22 – Persiaran Perdana (in front of Palace Of Justice)/Palace of Justice Car Park

9:00am – Truck Pull
2:00pm – Atlas Stones

April 25 – Palace of Justice Car Park/Persiaran Perdana (in front of Palace Of Justice)

9:00am – Super Yoke
11:30am – Deadlift
2:45pm – Truck Pull

April 26 – Persiaran Perdana (in front of Palace Of Justice)

9:00am – Power Stairs
11:45am – Log Press for Max Weight
3:00pm – Atlas Stones