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The Hot Vampire Romance Books Trend

Vampires and vampire romance books seem to be a hot trend in the marketplace today.

Since the original Dracula movies, vampires as monsters have been popular, but never as much as in today’s world. Books like Twilight seem to have re-instilled the interest in the vampire world as a whole. Not only did Twilight bring about a new era for vampire lovers, with monsters and horror included, but Twilight also introduced romance into that bizarre world.

As a result, not only the teens, to whom to book was geared, but many other readers of all ages became entranced with the possibility of vampires as the good guys, and as lovers.

The Twilight saga books, written by Stephenie Meyer, were well written which also brought in a lot of readers. Meyer’s writing skills and creativity made the whole idea of vampire lovers believable. The intensity of her characters made people believe that a deeper love was possible with a vampire than could be achieved in an ordinary human-to-human relationship.

As a result, women who may have been love-starved in the past seek out this type of vampire romance novel as a means to fulfilling their own love lives.

Other books in the vampire romance genre have also introduced vampire-human love affairs that appeal to many of today’s readers. Charlene Harris of True Blood fame is also known for her vampire romance novels. Her character of Sookie Stackhouse has become very well known not only from her vampire books, but also from the T.V.

series they inspired.

Another great vampire series, in books and on T.V., were written by L. J. Smith-The Vampire Diaries. The books were also intended for a teen audience, but also appeal to other age groups today. The Vampire Diaries is another example of a vampire-human relationship that seems more intense than regular Duck Dynasty dvd box set romance books can achieve.

Part of the reason that vampire romance books are hot today is that every woman can identify with the intensity of the love relationship. It is what every woman wants in their own love situation, but few have actually achieved it. Also the hero is made to be super-human, with extraordinary powers and skills that few women can resist.

The vampire hero is portrayed as the most handsome, the strongest, the most intense lover and one who will fight to the death for their heroine. Because of this women can fantasize about the lover portrayed in the book without guilt, because such a person could not possibly exist in real life.

The stories take place in a fantasy world where it is safe to dream.

In most of the vampire romance books, the heroine (especially in the Twilight series) is also just a commonplace, everyday girl-just like most readers. It can be gratifying to know that even regular girls can have a chance at a fantastic romance that may not be achievable to them in the real world.

As long as authors strive to create fantastic super-heroes in their vampire characters, there will be a market for their vampire romance books. Readers young and old will want Stranger Things dvd to buy fantasize about their own vampire lovers where they can aspire to an intense love relationship, without having to actually believe that it will ever really happen. Vampire romance books will be popular on the reader’s marketplace for a long time.

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