What It Takes To Win The Title

The Malaysia’s Strongestman competition is about more than just force. It is considered as the ultimate sport in which participants are tested on their total strength, stamina, endurance and speed as well. Normally, a strongman contest comprises six events, though at the top level of competition, seven or eight events may be held. Among the most common events are; Farmer’s Walk, Atlas Stone, Vehicle Pull, Deadlift and etc.

Recently, there were few strongestman competitions held in Malaysia and it is a clear indication that it is becoming popular here.

Farmers Walk

Farmer’s Walk is one of the most well-known and most iconic strongestman events

Atlas Stone

The Atlas Stones are regarded as the signature event in the strongestman contest

Vehicle Pull

The jaw-dropping one-to-watch as vehicles are pulled across a 40 meters course

Vehicle Deadlift

Vehicle deadlift for reps in a given time.

Log Press

Log Press for reps in a given time.

Tire Flip

Tire Flip for reps in a given time.